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A trip with the perfect balance of history, culture, adventure, great riding, and an opportunity to make new friends. This adventure starts in Siem Reap where we see first hand, the feat of the ancients in Angkor Wat and its accompanying temples. We then take a journey by the most enjoyable means possible through this charming, captivating country.

We witness the phenomenon of the Tonle Sap Lake and river system and how it works in harmony with the Mekong. We see traditional farming methods still in practice throughout and we meet a great many friendly, hospitable people. We pass through towns still sporting the remnants of French colonialism in their architecture and we see that this really is a country that may have been under-appreciated over time.

Flat terrain, back roads with no traffic, great food and warm weather, all contribute to great reasons for anyone with a curiosity about Cambodia to do this ride. If that isn't motivation enough then a beach finish surely is.